Schedule flights at Mach II

Find and assign the best operator for a job based on availability, location, and skill set. Effortlessly handle jobs that require multiple flights or operators. Managing part-time, subcontractor pilots? Ascendr handles this with ease.

Compliance made simple

Seamlessly integrate your drone operation into the national airspace. Automate flight requests with the control tower. Retain every pre-flight checklist in the cloud.

Smart equipment management

Accurately track and update your equipment stock across all drone assets and locations. Reduce cost via data-driven usage analysis. Modernize inventory forecasting and set low stock alerts for any piece of equipment.

Measure what matters

Understand, track and manage the metrics and KPIs that your drone team owns. Analyze performance, quantify ROI, and exceed expectations.

It's go time!

Try Ascendr and see for yourself what the #1 drone operations management platform can do for your business!

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