Network Management

Easily engage and manage your
 third-party network

We know that managing a network of third-party subcontractors is expensive and time-consuming. Ascendr is a state-of-the-art platform that enables you to easily onboard new drone service providers, and quickly dispatch and route resources based on location and real-time availability.

Performance and Compliance

Ensure drone jobs on your worksite remain safe & legal

Passing compliance liability over to your drone service provider isn’t enough. Ascendr helps you meet the regulatory standards.

Powerful Insights

Empower your operations with data

Analyze, manage, and collaborate inside the Ascendr data hub. Review & retain the orthomosaic maps, CAD files, and aerial video & imagery needed to make better engineering decisions

It's go time!

Try Ascendr and see for yourself what the #1 drone operations management platform can do for your business!

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